Our Wines

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Our Wines

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In the silence of the earth where love for the grapes becomes love of life itself, the hand of man knowingly caresses the rough soil to release the noble characteristics guarded so jealously; dedicating one’s own existence to the vineyard which serves as a privileged link between man and the earth, testifying to a harmony that must never be broken. Those who consecrate their own labor with wine are proud to be identified with what they create, as they are aware that from tradition derive those important values handed down from a past which lives on, every day, in a brand name wine--the only witness to the innate vocation of the Bressan master winemakers.



The magic of tradition

Tradition is the respect we have for the knowledge passed down to us through the experience of our forefathers. And that’s why today for Bressan, just as in the past, Carat is the classic blend, obtained exclusively by bringing together the vintage varieties Tocai Friulano, Malvasia and Ribolla Gialla, which have for centuries thrived in their ideal habitat on the sandy marl slopes of the Collio. The CARAT is one of the gems of Friuli, a lively and harmonious wine, silky and fruity with a subtle hint of almond in a bouquet which on opening is found to be pleasant and persuasive. A wine which lends itself to every occasion, bringing out every time its great finesse.


Elegantly aristocratic, proudly Friulian.

This variety was already recognised in the mid-1800’s as one of the most typical and representative of the varieties which originated in Friuli. It is certainly a very old variety which was once very widespread and we even find it described in Acerbi’s “Friuli Vines of the Udine Area”. This is an emphatically dry wine, robust, with a broad and fresh aroma, with a bouquet which has strong accents of apple, pear, nectarine and apricot, with a dry, tannic taste giving an almondy finish with hints of wild flowers.


Grigio in Grigio

Naturally beyond limits

This wine is fruit of our old vineyard of Pinot Grigio. The idea of this wine was born from our wish to give dignity and bright personality to the wine which has been transformed in a trivial product by huge wine industries in the last few decades…. From that point follow years of experiments … late harvest, long maceration (for several months) of wine on the skins in order to extract all the possible fragrances the grapes offer, long ageing in the barrels of wild cherry and wild pear… The result? … beyond the limits for a white wine… and out from the schemes for a red…



The Ancient Nobility as Moscato

Noble antique rare precious Moscato vinified dry… our heritage from Austro-Hungarian Empire of which our part of Friuli was part till the first World War… This Moscato presents lots of difficulties in the vineyards…. As coulure (physiological disorder of the vine characterized by non-setting of fruit) and millerandage (uneven development and size od the berries on the same bunch of grapes). From a Rose color with coppery shades, the bouquet is very aromatic with nose of tea roses at first and then of aromatic fragrances of green tea, geranium and citrus fruits. After 5 years of ageing in acacia barrel the wine delivers an outstanding elegance, very expressive and persistent, with a warm sinuous body with typical notes of linden tree and bergamot.




Recounts ancient memories of Friuli

“Schioppettino” in Friuli is surely one of the most typical and elegant of the indigenous wines. It is of a mauvish-red colour and has an aroma that recalls wild blackberries, raspberries and bilberries. With age it develops a bouquet of fragrant woodland accents, musk and woody aromatics.



His Excellency... the ancient Friulian Nobleman

Of all of the long-cultivated varieties, Pignolo is without doubt the most prestigious and refined native Friuli variety and is on the way to extinction. It is a highly distinctive wine; in its shy mysterious taste, the flavour is almost hidden, as though it is fearful of being discovered. Elegant in body, fruity and reserved, the bottle opens with an inviting bouquet. Exclusive wine for “connoisseur”.



For those who enjoy the wine and not the label

The hidden, and most real soul of a terroir is in the wine made by the native (autochtone) grapes, the ones that are possible to grow just in that region. This wine is the mute witness of a secular tradition; silent guardian of old rituals where the truth is in the eyes of whom is watching; humble custodian of a millenaries culture, a culture that teaches us that it is “where you come from that makes a difference”. From all this, EGO (ME in the old Latin) is born. It is the result of more than ten generations of Bressan wine masters, zealous custodians of the past that are keeping alive thru this wine.


Pinot Nero

The class and refinedness of another time

We can say with absolute certainty that Pinot Nero is the most famous and elegant red wine in the world, and that's from the real experts. Its name comes from the shape of the grape cluster or bunch which resembles a pine cone. The founder of the Pinot family, it was brought to Friuli in the second half of the 1800's and has been cultivated with optimum results in fairly well-defined areas which are highly evocative of the Burgogne region, by virtue of the extraordinary similarity of the landscape. It is not easy to describe this wine of great class; aristocratic, with hints of woodland scents, charred wood and truffles.



What once was dream..now is wine

This is a personal interpretation resulting from the gritty passion and stubborn determination of Fulvio Luca Bressan and is the rare and noble result of a lovingly selected combination of wines of the highest standing, a wise marriage of the international classes of Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Nero combined with the classic characteristic Friuli type, the illustrious Schioppettino (Ribolla Nera). Firm and aristocratic, of exceptional elegance, this wine has a distinctive structure and is of the highest calibre with a full taste, warm, and rounded with an aromatic, silky intensity.



Dedicated to my father… which at his age of 91 is still working the vineyards…

Pignolo is the most ancient and refined indigenous red wine of Friuli region... almost forgotten and abandoned by the most of wine producers... because of the difficulties in vine growing, its very reduced productivity... but also because of the difficulties in the wine – cellar: this grape has huge tannins... rough and wild when young and that's why need a extremely long barrel ageing to smooth the tannins... and let the wine become silky and velvety... that's what we always dream to feel in a wine. From this concert the idea to keep aside a half of our Pignol produced in 1997 was born (… usually we age this wine for about 10 years in the barrels...). We wanted to see and to understand the evolution of the Great red wine during long ageing process: the evolution of the perfect grapes put into the perfect condition for its transformation... The name of the wine is “NEREO”... Fulvio's father.. born in 1932 … still leaving and working in the winery.