Mastri vinai BRESSAN

Being together, chatting with friends in front of a crackling fire in the hearth or under a fabulous nocturnal sky in summer.

The traditional enjoyment of offering to others the pleasure of discovering the things we hold dear.

Maintaining ancient traditions that speak of countryside residences, the tranquil life of another age... of springtimes that explode in the vivid colour of cherries... of autumns that are lit up by crimson sunsets among the vines, of chestnuts and all the tastes and fragrances of the harvest... of woods containing precious wildlife and well-cultivated vineyards...

These are the sensations that you can experience and make others experience when encountering a signature wine, the result of scrupulous traditions of master winemakers who expertly combine the ancient science of oenology with methods prior to modern technology, in the wake of respect for a very long tradition that rejects categorically that modernity that flattens everything. Here when, on the sentimental scale, wine is placed in first place... meeting the Bressans, getting to know them, is a certain source of serenity and a privileged reason for a rare and rewarding human contact, with the aristocratic pride of master winemakers who care about their work they were able to create a doctrine of wisdom, as well as a precious art.

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At the roots of tradition



Brand's History

The Bressan family crest was created to reflect the soul, the aspirations, the intentions and respect for tradition of a family that has never left anything to improvisation.